March 14, 2012

Ashley Olsen quits acting for good

I was crazzzyyyy over Mary Kate and Ashley during my young teen years. I would buy their story books, watch their movies, watch their TV series, collecting posters of them; they were practically my idols!

However, as they grew older and entered into college, they stopped acting but went on to do a fashion line instead.

Spotted wearing a gorgeous D&G jeweled dress!

Now, Ashley Olsen, one half of the twins, recently told Elle magazine that she has quit acting for good =( A career that began when they were only 9 months old has now ended for Ashley. She's only 25. She will, however, still be concentrating on her $1 billion fashion empire.

She will still be rich and anyway her last acting stint was with Mary Kate in 'New York Minute' which was in 2004. She said she will remain behind the lens. Their younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, on the other hand, has just started in the showbiz.

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