August 6, 2015

C- Jello Collagen Jelly Bar

I'm sure all of you have heard about the importance of Collagen for our skin. Collagen is the key ingredient to making our skin radiant and youthful and I have found that in C-Jello Collagen jelly bar =)

Two boxes for RM596 can be bought at SkinSoul.

C-Jello collagen jelly bar supports the restoration of the skin by promoting the appearance of youthful, healthy and glowing skin in a safe and non-invasive way. C-Jello is the first ever collagen jelly bar exclusively created in Korea and it was produced to deliver the most effective absorption and with ease of use in mind.

The difference between C-Jello and other collagen available in the market is that C-Jello has a low molecular weight when compared to other brands meaning it can deliver more than 99% absorption into the body and skin.

Made in Korea.

C-Jello contains Type I Collagen which is highly beneficial for the skin. It helps to speed up healing of muscular and joint pain, minimising appearance of micro wrinkles fairly immediately and helps restore the amount of collagen in the body. It has been proven to combat signs of aging by strengthening the skin's dermal structure thus promoting elasticity and firmness. As a result, C-Jello increases skin suppleness, hydration and radiation. In addition, C-Jello can also help whiten skin, strengthens hair and nail.

The Consumption of C-Jello can improve the followings:
- Delaying the ageing process caused by external factors such as UV rays, harmful free radicals, stress and pollution.
- Restructuring of the skin’s collagen and its ability to retain skin’s firmness, elasticity and smoothness.
- Stimulates the skin renewal process for a younger and more youthful appearance.
- Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
- Lightening of dark spots for a brighter and fairer skin tone.
- Improvement of the overall health and suppleness of the skin.

It comes in sachet packets.
There's 15 sachets in 1 box

It is in the form of a jelly bar. Just eat 2 jelly bars per day; 1 in the morning and 1 at night.

Each C-Jello is 20g and contains 2500mg of Hydrolysed Collagen Peptide and essential nutrients. It effectively slows down the ageing process, boosts youthful vitality, whitens, firms, tones and hydrates the skin.

The active ingredients of C-Jello collagen jelly bar includes:
-German Fish Collagen (Hydrolysed Collagen)
-Artichoke Extract
-Mulberry Extract
-Vitamin C
-Rice Bran Extract
-Hyaluronic Acid Mixture
-Pear Concentrate
-Peach Concentrate

That's a lot in just a small jelly bar!

You must be wondering what it tastes like? Well, it taste like an orange jelly. Nothing yucky and it is enjoyable as a snack. What more, if this snack makes me beautiful!

This is me before eating the C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar. Will check back in 2 weeks to see the progress and improvements =)

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