August 28, 2015

Food adventure in Malacca

I had a weekend trip to Malacca with my friends for a food adventure! Man, can we eat! Haha By the way, Malacca is sooo jam! Eventhough I absolutely love the food there, I dislike driving around Malacca town and get caught in the jam and the famous places almost always have people queuing up like train =.=

Let's see what I ate in Malacca!

First stop was Klebang for its famous coconut shake!

That was the most delicious coconut shake ever! Haha It's my first time and now I know why people would line up for it. Also, the kuih muih there were yummy too. You should definitely try the keropok lekor which was soft and tasty. 

But, just look at the queue!

A food fest! Everything was yummy and also we were hungry so we wiped everything off the plate hehe

Something I would definitely come back for =)

Then we headed to Malacca town to continue our food adventure.

Durian cendol at San Shu Gong along Jonker Street was horrible. So jelak! But it was just for try lol

Jonker street was a street filled with food! We practically stopped at every 10 minutes to buy something haha

I think I had way too much ice cream =p

Popiah ice cream. Unique! It has the popiah peanuts with ice cream wrapped in popiah skin.

Egg ice cream. Basically it was ice cream in a shape of an egg mould lol.

And best part was I found the famous Macaroon Ice Cream. Negative Celsius was there and I had a pink and tiffany green macaroon with blueberry ice cream topped with marshmallow and crushed oreo. The blueberry ice cream was something new and it was mouth watering!

Some potato chips which I find very unique hehe 
I always like to try something new.

Yummy Quail eggs.

Of course, can never leave Malacca without the chicken rice ball. It was mehh though. Was never a fan. I think over the years, it just got worst.

First time eating satay celup haha! I know, it feels like I'm not Malaysian =p
Another great experience and once again we took so many sticks like it's free!

Nyonya and assam laksa with cendol and rojak.
I love the cendol with gula melaka!

Visited The Daily Fix cafe.

Had their rose iced latte.

Banana pancake with nutella spread and ice cream!

Looking at the food pictures now make me H-U-N-G-R-Y!! LOL

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