August 17, 2015

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

He is back!! Ethan Hunt is back to save the world- yet again.

I loved all the Mission Impossible movies! This one is no exception.

At 53, Tom Cruise could still do all these stunts and still look dashing in his suits ^_^
In this installment, IMF is disbanded. Hence, the title. Ethan and his team went rogue to stop a sinister counter-organization to the IMF, the Syndicate. But then again, Ethan has always gone rogue in his missions.

The movie was action packed with a good storyline. Only thing missing was....

..the lack of romance. I really loved his  romance with Michelle Monaghan in MI3. Probably the lack of romance in this movie is because they wanted to preserve his romance with her continuing from the storyline in MI4.

Other than that, if you're looking for a good blockbuster movie, this one is highly recommended. Watch out for his stunts on a flying plane, on a bike and while he was holding his breath under water. He actually did his own stunt on a flying plane by himself! A true actor spirit indeed. This is the 5th movie in the Mission Impossible series and the movie just keeps getting better and better.

Another eye candy is Jason Bourne aka Hawkeye aka Jeremy Renner hehe
This is a show for girls to check out the 2 main stars =p

Go check this movie out. Great movie for the entire family!

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