August 24, 2015

SkinSoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara

SkinSoul has their very own mascara, their Natural Volume Attack Mascara.

Some of its properties:
-100% Paraben free
-Zero use of hair growth chemicals that can cause blurred vision
-Organic, natural mulberry extract that nourishes, strengthens and curls lashes
-Visibly grows & thickens lashes in 8 weeks
-Voluminous coating that lengthens, curls and defines lashes from tip to top lash

Black colour

Made in Italy.


Just apply on lashes and see the results.

Curled and elongated lashes.

Natural mulberry extract has been scientifically proven to be rich in polynutrients and vitamins that rejuvenates hair follicles, proomotes hair growth, retains natural hair colour and prevents hair fall. Its antioxidant content also protects hair follicles from free radical damage. The mulberry extract will reach into the eyelash hair follicles to nourish lashes. You'll be able to see visibly thicker and longer lashes within four weeks from continuous usage.

Loving my lashes =)

It's not only make-up but it also feeds your lashes with nourishment and care it needs. It's 2-in-1 and value for money.

SkinSoul Volume Attack Mascara retails for RM195.

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