April 10, 2017

Food review: Skippys Pizza, Damansara Uptown

Do you like pork and the combination of pork + pizza or pork with anything?
Do you find it hard to find non halal restaurants which serves good pork food?
Are you a meat lover and likes generous portion of meat in your dishes?
If you answer yes to all of the above, then let me tell you that you have missed out on Skippys Pizza.

Skippys Pizza has two branches, one in Phileo Damansara and the other is where I went; Damansara Uptown(2 doors away from The Ship)

Why Skippys you may ask?
Well, the owner, Fay told me that she had a cafe few years back in Bangsar which she partnered with her now husband and another person called Skippy. Soon after, Skippy migrated and they moved on and Fay opened Skippys Pizza with her husband in honour of their ex partner. Interesting, no?

And so they gave birth to Skippys Pizza. The first outlet was in Phileo Damansara opened in 2010 and this second outlet at Damansara Uptown opened in December 2015. The reason behind the idea of opening such a restaurant is because they found it hard to find meaty pizza and they love pork. Plus, Fay is a good cook and all menu in the restaurant is whipped out from her ownself. So be sure that it's all original! She's such an inspiring woman as she oversees this restaurant from A-Z and they even do deliveries and catering for functions.

The restaurant has a pub feeling to it as they serve alcohol and has a cozy environment. It's good for dinner after a hard day's work to come in with a glass of beer and some good food.

Plus, during the weekend if you are a football lover, they do screen matches and you can come over with your friends to feast on pizzas, beers and watch live.

They have good deals as well so be sure to check the deals out before ordering.

The chef's recommendations.

Refreshing drinks ^^

 So let's start with the Fooooddd!!

Mushroom soup(RM10.00)
Garlic Cheese Buns (RM10.00)
I cannot say how much I love this combo.

First of all, look at that cheeeesee on the garlic buns.

Dip it in the mushroom soup and let your taste buds thank you for it!
I was literally saying things like 'Woow', 'Yummy', 'It's soo good' coming out from my mouth HAHA
The garlic cheese buns are actually just normal burger buns but it was done with such perfection that such a simple starter already tickled my taste buds.

Now, here comes our main menu.

Pizza is of course their specialty.
Can you imagine they have around 30 types of pizza served here. 30 different flavours! We had such a hard time choosing which pizza to order haha
Finally we chose what the chef recommended which is the Ultimate Hawaiian 
(9" RM28.90)
It consist of Pork Bacon, Pork Sausage, Pulled Pork and Pineapple. Yes, the amount of pork in there is soo worth the price. Fay told me they do not compromise on the quality. Their meats are imported and they only serve the best with generous amount of portion because their concept is to share among friends. You know what? I totally agree. Unlike some pizzas which we eat, they spend a lot of time on the crust. To me the crust should be simple but the ingredient is key. This is the same in Skippys.

Best part is that they totally cater to Malaysian taste buds and they provide sambal chilli and garlic sauce to even go with pizzas.

I'm not so much of a meat lover so 1 piece or 1 and 1/2 is already very filling for me. Ended up, we took away for our friend and he absolutely loved it eventhough it was kinda cold when we left. Meat lovers will really love this!

Next is the Skippys Glutton Pork Burger with fries (RM25.50)

It consist of juicy pork patty, egg, bacon and mushroom
I tell you once you see the patty inside, you'll be like are you sure the price is right? HAHA
They are just so generous and not stingy with their meat portion and to top it off with egg and bacon...Mmmmm

I wish I could show you a video of the juice dripping out from the patty because it was that juicy!

We also had Bar Snacks

Meatballs with spicy sauce.

Again, this totally caters to Malaysian taste buds. We love spicy so this was awesome.

The other half loved it so much, he practically finished the whole plate by himself HAHA
This is made from scratch and as mentioned all these are Fay's recipe so it's really clever of her to be unique and come out with her own spicy sauce rather than the usual black pepper dip.

At the end, we were super full and I think we overindulged ourselves >.< LOL
Came to a point, we were just staring at each other not knowing what to do next coz we couldn't get up. We were such glutton as everything seemed so good. 

My favourite of all has to be the Skippys Glutton Pork Burger with fries and the Garlic Cheese Buns. I would come back again for these.

My rating:

Food : 3 1/2 stars
Environment : 3 1/2 stars
Service : 4 stars
Price : 4 stars

Great news for all of you because Skippys Pizza will be having their lunch promo from 11th April 2017 til 30th April 2017. You don't want to miss out on their promo and I heard Chi Yuk Fun is quite popular during lunch time. Lunch sets start from RM8 and it's superr worth it. Look at that burger set only costs RM10. OMG, you should try it!

Skippy Pizza
Damansara Uptown 
No 33 Jalan 21/56B 
47400 Petaling Jaya 
(2 doors from THE SHIP) 

Monday - Thursday 12:00-15:00 - 17:00-24:00
Friday - Sunday 11:30-24:00

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