April 8, 2017

No hassle makeup remover with Neutrogena

I have been using Neutrogena products ever since in high school. It's such a good brand that I have known it since young and after personally using the products, I never doubt it's quality.

So, imagine my delight when I received this beauty parcel from Neutrogena!

What's inside?

Neutrogena Deep Clean products specially handpicked to suit my skin type =)

Neutrogena Deep Clean offers a wide range of cleansers and make up removers that addresses different skin concerns so you can put your best face forward. I am especially happy that they listened to my skin woes and picked the products which will best cater for my oily skin.

I have been using all 3 products and my skin have never felt so happy this week hehe But want to know what's my favourite product?

It's the Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam (142ml)

• Perfect for normal/combination skin (which is me!). It contains rosemary extract which is rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

• Dual-transformation process (transform from oil-gel-cream-soft foam) 

• Effective and gentle on skin and easily rinsed off, leaving no residue and helping skin feel clean and healthy

• Oil-gel contains Oleifera leaf extract to gently remove all traces of day makeup, dirt and oil in one wash.

Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty about why I love this product so much.

First and foremost, this pump is so easy to use and it's hygienic. All you need is two pumps at most 

It will form a watery texture on your palm.
You can already smell the fruity scent ^^

 Then, just gently rub to remove makeup with the oil texture.

When activated by water, it will create a foamy texture. The transformed bubbles will blast away all the residue and leave skin clean and fresh. It's so fun actually to see it transforming from the oily texture to foam. And there is no dryness effect. Skin still feels moisturised after wash.

The best part? 
This is a 2 in 1. It's a makeup remover AND a foam cleanser in just one wash! A total time saver ^_^

It's a dual cleansing experience with effective cleansing power of make up remover and refreshing creamy bubble of cleansing foam at the same time. I am a total believer with double cleanse. I used to always use a makeup remover and then cleanse my face again with a cleanser. This is due to my oily/combination skin so I need to thoroughly cleanse my skin to remove all oil/dirt residue after a long day with makeup. However, I have changed my perspective now with this Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam. Just one product is enough to still maintain enough moisture in the skin and to avoid any dryness.

Now I no longer need to use 2 products; make up remover and thereafter cleanser to wash my face. Just this one product is more than enough <3 Especially great for those who are lazy to remove their makeup before cleansing, this will be perfect for you.

My face felt so refreshed after the wash. No dirty or oily residue and I am very happy with the dual cleansing effect.

However, it does not remove eye makeup so a separate eye makeup remover is still needed but this is the same with all face makeup removers anyway.

Happy skin = Happy me

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam retails for RM44.90 at major pharmacies.

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