April 6, 2017

March Part 2

I guess my March adventure was not over.
When I did the first post, March was technically not over haha and mostly what happened below was not planned and in the final 1 and a half weeks, I managed to cram the below into my schedule.

Oiso Korean restaurant for lunch at Utropolis, Glenmarie

Kimchi ramen. Everytime I step into a Korean restaurant, I would only order this.
Absolutely love and the portion was Huge!

BBQ Chicken with rice.
Delicious and coupled with the ramen, both of us were super full. Luckily we didn't fall asleep in office haha

Ordered in Chilli's Chicken wings.
It's been a long time since I've been to Chilli's. Still tasted as good as ever. Finger lickin' good haha

Wanted to try the famous cheesy hot plate and so we went to Omaya, Solaris

Ooohh look at that cheeseee

Mmmm melted cheese. I hope you're not reading this at midnight hehe
I gota say this was the best <3 Chicken with the cheese and the cooked ramen were all so flavourful and delish! Highly recommended

We also ordered the seafood platter. Wayy too much seafood to fit all 5 of us haha

N look at the drink!
We ordered cotton candy fizzy drink. Really unique and felt like a kid again =p

So huge. Can't finish eating so just push the cotton candy into the drink for added sweetness hehe

We saw the table beside us ordered the skewer. My gosh! How to finish?
The food there are really unique but that's also the reason why there's a super long queue -_-
We booked early but we still had to wait 30 minutes to be seated. I mean I will only queue for this once and that's it haha

Also, have you tried Mister Potato's latest flavour?

Quite weird to eat but tasted not bad actually!

It's all so purplee...Beautiful colour inded

The latest craze of McD's green tea ice cream and Ayam Goreng.
I wanted Ayam Goreng and it's sold out. The other half wanted green tea ice cream but it was also sold out in 2 places.

Ended up manage to buy the green tea ice cream. I cannot understand what's all the craze about LOL
And it's expensive with RM6.99 with red bean -_-

Also, finally managed to try the Big Bowl Ramen which is popular on insta and I have been wanting to try it for some time now.

Big Bowl Ramen (My Voice Cafe) Desa Sri Hartamas
Look at how huge the bowl is.
At first I thought that it's just a marketing gimmick and the ramen may not be nice.

But I was surprised!
It tasted good and we had the spicy beef ramen. The soup was tasty and the portion was good enough for 2 people *burps*

The best part? Their service was superb! It was raining cats and dogs and the moment we parked in front of their shop, there were waiters waiting for us and gave us a shade with umbrellas. Soo nice of them =) The food arrived fast as well and their service is just top!

After that, we headed to The Ice Cream Bar, Desa Sri Hartamas for dessert.
I saw the similarity with Inside Scoop and after seeing the receipt only found out that it is owned by Inside Scoop haha

The Ice Cream Bar focuses on ice cream with alcohol hence the title 
'Bar' (geddit geddit?)

Salted Caramel and Watermelon with vodka ice cream together with Nutella waffle. Mmmm yummers

Wiped clean!

Another fave is Go Noodle and had this Trio Spicy Dark Sauce Pan Mee three times in a month LOL

Stopped by Garage 51 for dessert.

Chicken fingers.

And the famous drink.
We had 'The Son' and it was goooddd. Love everything about it. It's not as sweet as you thought it would be. The popcorn, the marshmallow, peanut butter, blended chocolate and basically everything!

Spent some time during the weekend for some social responsibility.
Went to Vintage E Care home, Old Klang Road for the senior citizen for some gotong royong and spent some time with them.

Planting plants for them.

Don't really have green fingers but just helped with some gardening hehe

Selfiee time!

Also, managed to watch 2 movies.

Kungfu Yoga
Initially didn't expect much from this movie and just watched it for fun.

This movie is definitely China meets Bollywood.
I didn't know about the Bollywood thing and I was surprised to see Indians in the cinema. I thought wow Jackie Chan movies even appeal to Indians as well haha

Until I saw this LMAO
Seriously, I cannot believe Jackie Chan can dance Bollywood style.

Katrina Kaif was beautiful and the Bollywood-China combo was so refreshing to watch. I enjoyed and laughed so much throughout the movie-definitely went above my expectations.

Also managed to catch Beauty and the Beast- the most hyped up and overrated movie!

Errr, honestly I didn't watch much cartoons when I was young so I didn't know that it was a musical movie. I know the storyline but didn't really watch the cartoon when I was younger. So ended up musical is not really my thing and since the storyline was predictable, there was really not much element of surprise. Disappointed actually and I may be the only few ones who is saying this. I heard most people rather enjoyed the movie. Oh Well!

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