April 19, 2017

MinNature: Asia’s Largest Miniature Exhibition

MinNature Malaysia is located on the 4th floor of Summit USJ.  It is Malaysia’s First and Largest miniature exhibition. It is a very unique exhibition and ever since I heard of its launch, I have been wanting to go and take a look.

The brainchild behind this exhibition is Wan Cheng Huat (Alvin) who aims to bring a different experience to Malaysia when it comes to models and miniature displays. 

Inspired by Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, Alvin (though he has never been to the exhibition) realised that this was an experience that Malaysia has been missing out on and sought to build a Malaysian version of a miniature wonderland.

The exhibition is just next to GSC Cinema.

The map showing what you will experience inside the exhibition.

With the whole intention on bringing this unique experience to Malaysians, Alvin set along a long road in realising this dream, raising the capital and going through a lot of self-training to be able to setup, source and build all the required models used in the exhibition you see today.

Since the successful development and curation of MinNature Malaysia, the brand has attracted over 4,000 visitors in their first 3 months of operations.

MinNature is also currently running a Ultimate Treasure Hunt Challenge, with prizes worth more than RM3000. Visitors will be able to spot numerous ‘Treasure Hunt’ details throughout the exhibition (e.g. lookout for Batman and Spiderman).

Visitors who are able to find at least 12 out of the total 18 items will qualify for the Ultimate Treasure Hunt Challenge which will be held in June 2017.

A sneak preview at the reception of what you will experience inside.

A mini snow mountain with flowing water

MinNature utilises 1:87 scale models of everything from buildings, nature and human models. MinNature Malaysia aims to replicate an entire ecosystem of animal life, human beings and lifestyle activities within a 1:87 scale sizing in its re-creation.

It's soo tiny. You need a lot of patience and skills to paint on those tiny figurines.

Yeap, it's THAT tiny.

The idea of MinNature came up in 2008 but could only be realised several years later. In 2012, the planning stage started. In 2013, the initial investment went to a tedious process of 3D modelling and printing, clocking up the most man hours; 113,400 hours to date. In 2016, they landed in Summit USJ and started building the facility from ground level. 

This is the 3D printer and it really takes time to wait for it to print each 3D miniature design. Gosh! No wonder it took that long hours. It's not massive bulk printing but 1 by 1 design after design.

99% of the building and structures that you see in the exhibition are extensively modeled from scratch. Alvin’s team, the Masterbuilders, have built more than 1,000 miniature buildings with more than 5,000 figures.  The sophisticated designs and intricately created craftworks of the models will wow the visitors who are willing to take their time to explore over 7,000 sqft of numerous different themes and ‘wonderlands’.

You will see recognisable landmarks and iconic buildings in Malaysia and also buildings and structures from the creative imagination of the Masterbuilders. Tons of steel, wood, and plasters form the foundation of this extraordinary exhibition.

Staff members are available to provide a quality experience to all visitors by answering queries as well as giving visitors a first-hand explanation on the intricate models in the exhibition.

When you first enter, you will see a massive structure which looks a bit like Cameron Highlands with so many miniature buildings, houses, trees etc. 

There are buttons as well to press to turn lights on, music and special effects. Very cool! I was already impressed at my first impression.

All models are printed using sophisticated 3D printers. Each part depending on it's complexity, will take anywhere from 2 minutes to 1 hour for a single piece. You know, just a miniature roof for a house takes about an hour to complete printing! That's a lot of patience and dedication.

Inspired by the scenery in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

If you look closely, you can see trains moving along. More than 40 trains traverse along the 2,600-feet-long railways around the exhibition.  

The great thing about this exhibition is that they do not disallow photography. In fact, they encourage you to take pictures, touch the figurines and admire them whole heartedly. With no such restrictions, we get to enjoy the masterpieces even more.

Along each and every square feet of the exhibition, there is a miniature masterpiece to be admired.

Also, don't just look down. Look up as well.
There are clouds and hot air balloons to be admired.

Miniature waterpark

Soo cute! Scene at the beach.

Inspired by the Xichan temple in China

Special effect such as vapour comes out from a mini factory.

Mini volcano!

Rapunzel in the castle with her long hair. Look closely to see Prince Charming also haha

My favourite!

A mini scene- like from the movie Smurf with colourful mushrooms. They off the lights for us to appreciate the scene better.


The entire exhibition on display has been built and made by hand – a process, which has led to the 3 years of set-up until where it is today. Over 80 staff members have contributed to this lengthy process.

Dataran Merdeka. 

Each building at the Dataran centerpiece has been intricately modeled based on their originals, and recreated by 10 3D printers.  

Don't need to brave the jam to see the Twin Towers. Can see it here hehe

At the end of the tour, there are photo booths to take pictures as a memorabilia

If you signed up for the workshop, you will be brought into a room to do your 3D miniatures.

Visitors who are interested in making their own miniatures can join various workshops and purchase kits from RM15 per model kit. 

We were taught how to make a tree.

Disclaimer: I haven't done art ever since I left school *laughs*

So, I'm pretty much an amateur making my own miniature tree hahaha

Glue-ing them together

Work in progress.

And finally! Please don't laugh and yes I know a 5 year old can do better LOL
But at least you can see lah there's like an autumn tree, a pond, some stones and grass. Not bad lah for my standard already hahaha

But we had so much fun at the workshop as we create our own miniatures.

You can also choose to join for the house making workshop. But ermm...that looks complicated to me. The tree itself took me much effort so it's okay, skipped the house making hehe

For those artsy people, you will really enjoy the exhibition and the workshop. Even I am not such an artsy person and I loved it so much. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience but I am more in awe in the team's hardwork and dedication in building those miniatures because it's really not easy. Plus, they are constantly building more new miniatures daily so it will not be the same if you re-visit the exhibition. Phase 2 is also upcoming and I can't wait to visit again to see new stuffs =)

Ticket prices are:

Adults: RM28
Senior Citizens and Children (age 4 to 12): RM15
Children below 4: FREE

For group bookings and enquiries, give MinNature Malaysia a call directly at 03-8011 9372. 

Workshop prices:

Tree making = RM15
House making = RM25
Tree + House making = RM35

Workshop schedules can be obtained from the MinNature Malaysia’s Facebook page. 

MinNature Malaysia
Summit USJ, Lot 4.03A & 4.05,
Level 4, Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1, 
Subang Jaya, 47600, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Opens daily from 10am- 10pm (last entry at 8pm). 

Follow MinNature on social media through their official Facebook page for all their latest news and updates.  

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