April 25, 2017

Hotel Armada Ramadhan Food Review

The time has come again for my favourite buffet dishes review at Utara Coffee House, Hotel Armada. Gosh time passes by superr fast! Before you know it, it's pusasa month soon. I always look forward to the selection of dishes by Chef Mummy and her team for the Ramadhan buffet. She never fail to disappoint.

This time, themed Selera Nostalgia Ramadhan, guests can expect to indulge in only the most authentic method of preparation and ingredients this coming Ramadhan.

Ayam Golek

With more than 100 dishes available, we were filled to the brim of our tummy tasting most of it by the end of the night. So, what made my dinner so satisfying that night at Hotel Armada? Caution: do not read with empty stomach.

Be sure to break your fast in the month of Ramadhan with these assortment of starters:

Bubur Lambuk.

I was so happy to be served with this because I was already getting hungry and one spoonful made my tummy very happy. The taste was just 'cukup rasa' and can you imagine having prawns in the bubur lambuk? Yeah, so generous and so yummy. I'm not a porridge kind of person but this appetiser totally kickstarted my taste buds for the coming dishes.

And then the sup tulang rusuk was the bomb diggity. After the first two dishes, I knew it was going to be a super fulfilling night haha The spice was blended well and the aroma just comes out with the warmth filling my throat and tummy felt soo good.

You should definitely try the traditional kerabus as well.

This Kerabu Soo Hoon was so good although there were so many 'booby traps' of cili padis hahaha....All of us bit so many chili padis and some of us were actually gulping water but it was too good to dismiss so we kept on eating and kept drinking hahahah It was a rather funny situation of good food, but too spicy yet didn't want to pass.

The Kerabu Mangga was a combination of sour, sweet and spicy all in one beautifully made dish.

I think the appetisers had done a very good job to whet our appetite. In fact, we were already quite full by then. Now, on to signature classic mains:

If you're a fan of assam laksa, beware to ONLY stop at one bowl because there are many dishes to try as well LOL. I am a huge assam laksa fan and the condiments in it with the perfect blend of spicy sour and the 'otak udang' screamed more assam laksa but I had to halt myself because there are so many others to try as well. In fact, I had another bowl of Thai laksa and I wanted to call it a day.

Then came this:
And we pengsan.

I mean, they were serious in making sure we were FULL and not go back to have supper. So, let's go through one by one.

Kari Kepala Ikan Salmon.

If you're a fan of fish head curry, you will definitely love this. I like how they don't compromise on their food and although salmon is expensive, it is available to customers in the buffet spread. I was in love with the curry so much so that I 'banjir' my rice and roti after that for dipping hehe

This is my FAVOURITE! I know I have too many favourites here but if you know me, you would know how much I love crabs. This is Ketam masak nangka muda dengan kunyit. It was not too spicy so that it doesn't overpower the crab meat taste. My whole plate was left with crab shells after that haha because I had quite a bit and it was delicious with the nangka muda and I practically made the gravy like soup ^^ 

Sayur lemak labu.

Pumpkin with the same type of sauce as the crabs. Malays dig this because it's really authentic and the pumpkin is really soft and has infused itself with the lemak gravy. Yums!

Sambal Udang Petai. Nuff' said. 
Aside from crab shells, my plate was also covered with prawn shells haha

And it doesn't stop there..

The all time favourite Siput sedut masak lemak cili padi.
I also look forward to this every year because I never eat this anywhere except in Hotel Armada.
It's really fun to sedut hehe

Itik Berladok
Yeap, they even have duck

Rendang daging.
How to have the Ramadhan feeling without rendang daging? 

Four Angle Bean with Belacan sauce

Others include Apam Balik, Roasted Lamb, Assorted Satay, Murtabak, Ayam percik panggang and many more.

Dessert taime...

Assorted Malay kuih and pastries

Roti durian! Their specialty.
Just one bite and you can smell the king of fruits. The durian aroma comes from the batter.

Although how full I am, I can never miss desserts!
Onde onde was my fave coz the gula melaka just bursts in your mouth.

Other sweet delicacies include Pengat Nangka, Bubur Pulut Hitam, Ais Kacang and Bubur Cha-cha

Our table.

Thank you Chef Mummy and Chef Chew for a wonderfully delicious evening =)

Diners who book early can take advantage of the Early Bird Vouchers. Purchase between 2nd May to 31st May 2017 to enjoy buy 5 vouchers and free 1 voucher. For those who miss out, can instead purchase the Super Value Vouchers. Purchase from 1st June 2017 onwards to enjoy buy 10 vouchers, free 1 voucher.

Head over to Utara Coffee House, Hotel Armada this Ramadhan to savour your festive favourites.

27th May - 24th June 2017

RM80+ per adult
RM40+ per child (7 to 12 years)

Hari Raya Aidilfitri Hi-Tea Buffet
25th & 26th June 2017

RM65+ per adult
RM45+ senior citizen
RM32+ per child

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