April 1, 2017

Interview with Famehitz

One fine day I received an email asking to interview me to feature me as a blogger on their website. Frankly speaking, I was surprised. I mean you want to interview me? Really? Did you get the right person? Haha

So fine I answered a few questions and I thought maybe they would have thought twice and not feature me lah since who am I right? But lo and behold, the article was published.

If you did not click on the side bar, here it is for your convenience:

It's quite hard for me to digest the 'Title' LOL
I shared quite a bit of stuffs there which I may not usually share so if you're interested to know more about me and my blogging journey, do check the interview out.

Anyway, thank you Famehitz for featuring me!
Because of this, my English teacher from High School made a full post on me as her status *facepalms* But I'm super proud of her for being the founder of Pusat Inklusif Hakeem and raising awareness on Down Syndrome.

Thank you all for your support and as always without you readers, this blog wouldn't be here today <3

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