December 6, 2018

Christmas magic in Singapore 2018

So over last weekend, I had the privilege to take some time off to travel down south and see some Christmas magic hehe Been awhile since I've gone back to Singapore. The last was two years back.

But first, pit stop at Klebang Coconut Shake, Malacca
Everytime we are in Malacca or travelling down south, this is the place where we will have a pit stop. Love the nasi lemak and the Coconut shake. Yummy!

Another stop in Johor for the night. Checked into Doubletree Hilton, Johor Bahru. It was a long drive >.< as it was quite jam I think due to the school holidays. Driving really drained us.

But thank God for a comfy room!

Straight showered with the aromatic Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries. Hilton has this signature Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries in all their hotels as well as their...

...cookie! Eat them while it's hot. Very yummy. We were too exhausted that we had the cookies for 'dinner' and knocked off haha.

Woke up next day for breakfast. So far, after going through many hotel buffet breakfast, Hilton one is quite extensive I must say. They have Malay section, Indian, Chinese and Western.

They even had this nasi lemak omelette where they wrapped nasi lemak with egg HAHA...not bad actually!

Then off we head to Singapore. The last stamp on my passport this year!

Checked into the ever gorgeous Marina Mandarin.

A cute cafe transformation for Christmas.

Very spacious and big!

View from our room. Beautiful!

Went shopping after that and almost broke my bank HEHE Because everything here is x3 our currency >.<

Bought way too many Irvin's haha and Lush products...

 ...for my bath time in the bathtub hehe. 

Bath bomb for some sparkles.

I am in love with my newfound Bubble Stick from Lush. It creates the bubble! Because bath bomb just adds colour and sparkle but the Bubble Stick was the most fun! Totally repurchasing it.

Ate dinner at Dian Xiao Er. Apparently quite famous for the duck. Surprisingly, it was really good! The infused herbs was very fragrant and marinated into the duck that you don't even need much sauce to eat with it. And the price was reasonable.

This lotus dish was also very flavourful.

After that, we walked around Orchard Road. It has always been my dream to go to Orchard Road during Christmas time because of its decoration. This year, it was Disney themed! Oh my! Even better <3

 But first, this Cartier ferris wheel caught my attention.
It was very tall and you can't miss it just outside ION Orchard. Plus you can go up and take a picture for free! They provide a free photobooth =)

The entire Orchard road was decorated with Disney themed decorations.

  Didn't take that many pictures because I was too busy being amazed with all the deco hehe They are a few zones; Mickey, Frozen, Disney princess and Toy Story. There's also a Christmas village and pop up stores and there's quite many things to see and do there. Very festive!

Walked along the streets and had some Ben & Jerry's.

The next morning, breakfast for one. Yes, I'm a glutton *laughs*

Dropped by London Fat Duck for their black pepper buns before leaving. 
The best! Ate here before and came back for more.

Chee Cheong Fun.

Salted Egg Yam kuih.

Wished I had more time but gotta go back to reality! Til the next time, Singapore! Short but sweet trip =)

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