April 13, 2018

Bangkok, Thailand Part 3

I feel like going to Bangkok never bores on me.

Every time I step foot in Bangkok, it still stirs the excitement in me to shop, eat and shop again HAHA Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Work hard, travel harder
I soo agree!

Took Air Asia to Don Mueang airport.
Their Pak Naseer Nasi Lemak doesn't taste as nice anymore. A lil disappointed.

And so I arrived at Milennium Hilton.

The room overlooks the Chao Phraya river.

Bathtub is spacious =)

Crabtree & Evelyn no less haha

Off to the pool to cool down.

The pool was quite cool. The chairs are on the pool itself so you can still take a dip and relax on the chair hehe

View is overlooking the river as well.

Millennium Hilton also provides shuttle boat to Asiatique and BTS Station for free. Not bad, so you don't need to spend on transport.

Shuttle boat on the way to Asiatique.

The last I came here was 5 years ago.
The place now look so different and it's super happening here. Food wise, there were plenty of choices!

Roti canai- Thai style hehe

Plain rotee with nutella

Shopping wise, I would say Platinum and Chatuchak is still better.

I didn't really spend much time there because I was a wee bit restless when I saw the huge amount of people and since shopping didn't really appeal to me there plus it was rather humid, I decided to go back...

...and enjoy a warm bath hehe

Unfortunately, Millennium Hilton did not feel like a 5 star hotel at all. Breakfast buffet is chargeable, wifi is chargeable(like what??), certain room amenities are not provided like kettle, toothbrush and need to be requested (say what again?) so we were kinda disappointed with the overall service. But, on the bright side, bathroom and bathtub was spacious, view is amazing and the free shuttle saved me a lot of hassle.

The next day, shopped my heart out at Platinum Fashion Mall haha

But first, beef noodles to give me some energy LOL

I was quite specific on the things that I wanted to buy this time rather than just go in shop after shop and just buy whatever that seems nice and probably not wearing it later. I was more on bridal accessories like veils, gloves, shoes and I was very happy that in Platinum, you can really find everything there HAHA

My purchases shall be kept until the day of my photoshoot/wedding hehehe 

Took Tuk Tuk back to the hotel.

While on the way walking, I absolutely love the 7 Eleven food in Thailand LOL

I'm obsessed with the Carbonara sandwich

Their burgers were good.

And we kept walking and going into 7 Eleven to buy food stuffs HAHAHA

McD even had Water Chestnut McFlurry!

We stayed at Metz Pratunam Hotel after that which is a 10 minutes walk to Platinum Mall. But, the only problem is that Platinum Fashion Mall does not really have a nearby BTS station so we really did a lot of walking this time around HAHA 

And btw, Metz buffet breakfast spread(which was inclusive) was good considering the price of the room.

For less than RM200.00 per night with this breakfast spread, I would say that we hit jackpot rather than staying in Millennium Hilton LOL The room was clean, a good size for a couple, comfortable and we were very satisfied with our stay. As I said, the only thing is that the BTS station is not very near to it.

Dinner time with full on Thai food.
How can you come to Thailand without eating Tomyam?

Thai omelette lol

Pad Thai

Green curry

The restaurant was somewhere around our hotel and the food was very satisfying!

But then again, we always go back to street food and 7 Eleven food haha because these are the best!

Pork skewer

Always a must to drink their fruit juices because they are all so sweeeet.

We also went to Chatuchak on a Friday night, because that's the best with a not so scorching weather but somehow that Friday, it was packed with so many people! My gawd, walking was like hustling around people *laughs* Didn't spend much time there as well.

More rotee At Chatuchak haha

Mango sticky rice.

This time around, I came to buy what I needed and didn't really break a leg shopping. This time was much more relaxing as compared to previous times where I literally go back with leg pain(from walking too much), back pain (from carrying too much stuffs in the backpack) and arm pain (from carrying more shopping stuffs) HAHHAHAH

Glad there was no pain this time *laughs*

Overall, Bangkok is always a good place to visit =) Will definitely re-visit and hopefully be able to do a yearly visit here

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