April 2, 2018

March 2018

I know I know, I should be dieting soon for wedding prep but..but..somehow I still keep enjoying the variety of food I'm blessed with everyday LOL
Hurmm...eat first, think later =')

Bak Kut Teh at SS14, Subang Jaya. I love a good hot one on a rainy day.

Mmm...Those churros are piping hot and yummy. Would go back for more.

Firm partayy...Yes, we always over order LOL
Ordered in Indian food from Big Singh Chapati, SS15 Subang.

Tried out the new restaurant at Sunway Pyramid, Sunny Queen.

Their fruit tea was quite unique haha

Clam chowder soup

I love love this banana marshmallow dessert pizza. Thin crispy crust with chocolate drizzle. Very unique and a must try!

Mentaiko shrimp pizza. Their fusion are all quite unique and nice.

Back to Jyu Raku, SS15 Subang.


My favourite avocado salmon salad.

By the way, the samyang craze has affected Domino's pizza LOL

Samyeang chicken pizza. Doesn't look spicy but bite into it and it's a burst of spicy in your mouth hehe Soo goood though! 

Affected by the water rationing and went to Giant to buy water only to be welcomed with an empty rack LOL

Bought one of the last boxes.

Starbucks Matcha green tea frappe.

Shichirin, Taman Paramount for Japanese BBQ.

Japanese omelette <3

More of my favourite salad.


Just Wine, TTDI.

Yes, I'm obsessed with Domino's Samyeang pizza. This time ordered the beef pizza and also tried the ayam haseyo haha. I love that name. I still prefer the pizza though.

And then jumped to Pizza Hut for snacks...and

Refreshing drink hehe

Was craving for Nasi Lemak for breakfast

Roadside nasi lemak is always da best!

Curry Mee at restaurant Good Taste, SS14 Subang.

Green Bean dessert.

More firm's party LOL
Yes, we eat A LOT!

Went to a China restaurant at Sunway Mentari one night for dinner.

China style tauhu.



Ok nuff said.
Would come back just for this.

Menya Miyabi, Sunway.

Japanese curry rice.


Actually their broth and food are not bad. Can give Ippudo a run for their money.

Chicken wings from Noms. 

Red Velvet cake from Starbucks.

Foie gras at The Barn, Citta Mall. This really melts in your mouth <3

Poke Bear, Sunway Pyramid for my poke fix.

Buffet dinner at Neway, Subang.

Bring me for buffet and I'm super worth it HAHA

Penang Prawn Mee from Simply Penang, Mid Valley. One yummy bowl of goodness. Drank all the soup!

Tried their new Macadamia Cocoa? Not bad actually and I'm not even a coffee person.

Samyang 2x spicy noodle! Burns the tongue but so addictive LOL

Ayamas ayam penyet. Super reasonable, very yummy and fulfilling.

Did you know you can buy a pack of frozen food from any Ayamas outlet and ask them to fry there and then for free?

Yup, we did just that haha

Back to Jyu Raku for more Japanese goodness.


Stingray fin.

Again, my favourite salad haha

Ebikko inari

Back at The Barn
Their bolognaise pizza is good for some beer/wine bites.

Some Chinese Restaurant at SS14 Subang for lunch.

Wayy too much food!

This was chef recommended but was a disappointment.

Came to Balakong for some food review shoot at this Chinese shop. Wait for it to go live.

Buffet steamboat!! 

Lunch at The Westin.

The prawns were yummylicious.

Free flow snacks hahaha


The Peri-Peri sauce is really not to my liking. It's sour spicy -_-

Meh. But people were queuing up at the restaurant!

I guess that's all for March. Time flies! Wait for my next travel post soon <3

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