April 24, 2018

Domino's pizza Samyeang sauce is LIT

Inspired by Malaysians love for Korean food and culture. Domino’s Pizza had launched its Samyeang Pizzas and Ayam-haseyo recently and the products had received an overwhelming response from pizza lovers. I, myself, tried it immediately when it was launched because I am a crazy Samyang fan hahaha...I have tried almost all the Samyang noodles flavour and because I am also a pizza lover, this Samyeang pizza was a match made in heaven *laughs* 

Samyeang sauce was inspired from Korean combination of sweet, tangy, spicy flavours that gives a tingling sensation and will keep you wanting more. Although it is spicy, but after every bite, you feel like crying but still want more LOL The development process of Samyeang sauce by Domino's took approximately six months to complete. This is to ensure that the new sauce retains the original Korean favours.

Now Malaysians will have the opportunity to enjoy the Samyeang sauce with any of their favourite dishes as it is now available in a bottle.

Even better! Not enough spicy? Open bottle and pour more ^___^
The Samyeang sauce bottle is available at RM19.90 for add-on purchase and RM24.90 for a la carte purchase. To me, it's very affordable especially since it's 500g.

The Samyeang sauce is a continuation from Domino’s Samyeang range of pizzas which are available in 3 varieties, Samyeang Tuna Pizza, Samyeang Chicken Pizza and Samyeang Beef Pizza. My favourite is the chicken pizza and just be careful when you munch into it because you might be crying and having runny nose from the spiciness hehe The entire media team present were suddenly tearing, blowing nose, having red runny nose and biting their tongues hahaha. However spicy it is, it is still really delicious! Please don't make this for limited time only Domino's!!

 In addition to the pizza range, there is also a chicken side dish which is the Ayam-haseyo, baked chicken wings coated generously with Samyeang sauce combining both sweet and spicy flavour in a side that is perfect to complement each meal.

Mmmm...I feel hungry now. To me, the wings are not so spicy. It's a bit sweeter as compared to the pizzas, so I am able to add more spice with the sauce hehe

I was in food haven with my favourite samyeang sauce, wings and pizza <3

Domino's had a cooking demo as well on how to use the Samyeang sauce for cooking in our home.

Mee goreng with Samyeag sauce. Very good idea!

Anchovies(ikan bilis) with samyeang. Spicy and yummy, great for appetizers or tid bits with friends and drinks.

Ayam masak samyeang hehe

Cool it all down with Domino's chocolate lava cake. The molten lava will immediately soothe your burning tongue and the perfect finish to a meal =)

Domino’s Pizza offers value for money deal where the Super Tuesday promo is available on every Tuesday where you can get Personal-sized Samyeang pizza for a valuable price of RM3.90 when you order online and takeaway orders and RM4.90 for over-the-counter orders.

To place and order, visit www.dominos.com.my or call 1300-888-333 or visit the nearest Domino’s Pizza outlet now.

Thank you Domino's for this amazing creation. I will be visiting Domino's more because of my love for Samyeang hahaha

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