April 20, 2018

Eco Wellness Sanctuary- A 5 star spa experience

Eco Wellness Sanctuary is a sanctuary of wellness at the edge of Klang’s Botanical Garden suburbs. Inspired by natural wellness, Eco Wellness Sanctuary links the discovery of nature’s most potent ingredients to the health and wellbeing of guests.

You can't miss this. The sign is super huge and the place is a very large 2 floor sanctuary.

They have created an opulent sanctuary for wellness. Serene and intimately private as it is in a rather quiet surrounding, Eco Wellness Sanctuary provides a haven for renewal and inspiration for lifestyle change.

Inside is even more spacious. 
They opened late last year so it looked really new and clean.

They bring exclusive massage therapies, FIR sauna therapies and spa products that not only regenerate the skin, but also impart a profound sense of wellbeing to spirit and mind. Unparalleled in performance and purity, Eco Wellness Sanctuary employs only the finest ethically-sourced, certified organic essential oils and plant actives to visibly heal and nurture.
I was welcomed with a welcome tea.

They partnered with Ecowell Organics and Dr. Förster to bring an exclusive range of spa therapies unparalleled in purity and performance. Drawing on natural resources from the earth and sea, their products dramatically regenerate the skin and infuse a deep sense of wellbeing to spirit and mind. 

Ecowell Organics is a Swiss, premium certified organic skincare range with ingredients selected from only the best resources with only the most potent healing and beautifying properties nature has created. Ecowell's essential oils and natural extracts are painstakingly drawn from plants, flowers and seeds to maintain potent healing and beautifying properties.

Dr. Förster is a German pioneer in natural, plant-based products. Its beginnings were rooted in alternative natural medicine and remedies and the company made its name in this niche; successfully creating hundreds of natural products for different ranges and is renowned for its stringent quality.

 This is the door to a whole new spa experience.

 For foot wash and scrub.

 Foot massage for couple.

Group foot massage.

The second floor is also huge.

 FIR Sauna room.

 The second sauna room.
As you can see, it's one room each and very private which is something I love. Because you will be half naked in the room, privacy is something one will treasure during sauna.

The Far Infrared Sauna Therapy is the ultimate sauna experience with deep healing heat. It eliminates 7 time more toxins than traditional saunas and burns 900 calories in one session. (Say whatt?!!) I would totally just go for sauna now instead of running laps to burn so few calories HAHA

Benefits include:
-Weight Loss 
-Pain Relief 
-Lower Blood Pressure 
-Improved Blood Circulation 
-Improved Cardiovascular Function
-Wound Healing 
-Cell Health 

I was drenched in sweat after my half hour stint in the sauna room. It started around 36 degrees and gradually increases to 50 degrees Celsius. Luckily the wooden chairs and floor was covered with fluffy towels to absorb all the sweat rather than dripping on the wood. I was definitely in for that 900 calories burn hehe

Thereafter, I went to the massage room for my Organic Signature Indulgence Body Scrub.

 One thing good about the whole spa therapy is that you do not have to bring anything with you. Just bring yourself and everything is provided. They provide sarong, towels, disposable underwear, shower cap, alkaline water etc so you do not have to worry about those nitty gritty stuffs and just relax and enjoy.

Using Mediterranean and Dead Sea Salt imported from Germany, the sea salt scrub exfoliates skin in the most natural way possible packed with minerals. Premium sea salts are scrubbed all over the body to stimulate skin circulation and get rid of dry, dead skin cells, and speed cell turnover, restoring a healthy glow and even skin tone. Also promotes positive vibes and removes all negative elements.

 All Therapists are trained and have over 10 years of industry experience in the art of traditional Thai massage therapy and face therapy. Having worked around the world, in 5 Star hotels and luxury cruise liners, their expertise and Thai hospitality are unparalleled with an expert touch that will leave you deeply energized, relaxed, balanced and restored physically and spiritually. Their massage therapists will treat you to the finest experience of an authentic and ancient healing art.

And I couldn't agree more. My therapist was definitely someone with experience. She thoroughly scrubbed my body in places where I didn't even know need scrubbing HAHA such as inner thighs near your private parts and your butt lines between behind thighs to remove dead skin cell and cellulite. You don't have to feel shy or uncomfortable because they are very professional. I had to be boob naked for her to scrub my chest and stomach and she even scrubbed my butt area haha but all was good because it felt so good. 

She scrubbed while massaging me and all those inner toes, inner fingers, armpit area were all scrubbed and I felt so relax knowing that I will have smooth skin afterwards. And true enough, I was supposed to shower after that and during shower, I could already feel a milky smooth sensation on my skin <3 Actually, I was a bit afraid I will have reddish skin because my skin a bit sensitive, but no, there was no soreness or redness but just silky skin hehe

The shower place was very clean and spacious and they provide shampoo, conditioner up to facial wash as well! 

Next, is my Aromatherapy Organic Oil Massage.

You can choose from 3 different types of massage oil.

I chose the Peppermint massage oil because I was having joint and muscles pain from some workouts I did during the weekend. Ecowell’s Peppermint Massage Oil works as a natural muscle pain reliever which soothes body, back and muscle soreness. Its refreshing scent invigorates the mind while inspiring a sense of peace and general wellbeing as it restores feelings of normalcy and balance. Bask in the light, cool and tingling sensation that delightfully lingers on the skin; inducing feelings of freshness and positivity. It is an excellent oil for relieving joint pain and will leave you feeling revitalised.

Among the benefits include:
-Relieves Muscle Aches
-Invigorates Mind
-Stimulates Senses
-Restores Vitality

Massaged body and finally to head. Mmmm...It was so good relieving my soreness. All the tightness were gone. I don't normally like having body massage. To be honest, I would have stopped at body scrub but luckily I took up the challenge haha or else I would have regretted it.

Then it's time to change. Even the changing room looks good and equipped.
They literally pamper you from head to toe and don't even need to worry about bringing anything at all.

I was very happy and relaxed throughout the entire spa session from the sauna to the scrub and massage. The whole environment was spacious, new, clean and the staffs were friendly and the products used were suitable for my skin. It definitely befits it's name of a wellness sanctuary and if you need a few hours of getaway from the stress of life, this is definitely a place for you to step in.

Good news for first timers!
The FIR sauna is definitely something I would recommend for you to try out!

If you want a good scrub of all that dead skin cells, the Organic Signature Indulgence Body Scrub is a good exfoliation to rejuvenate skin at RM98. This is something I would pursue on a monthly basis.

If you would like the scrub and massage combo, it's only RM168.

Now, the package I did was this.
Organic Signature Indulgence Body Scrub + Aromatherapy Organic Oil Massage + FIR Sauna
All of it for only RM208

The whole session took around 3 hours and it was one of the most or rather THE most relaxing spa I ever had. I love the entire concept about it and I can rave on and on about it but you must just pay a visit to actually experience it by yourself =)

Unwind, rejuvenate, relax and heal. Whether for a few hours or a few days, follow your bliss to Eco Wellness Sanctuary to restore your wellness.
Mon - Sun: 11.00am - 11.00pm ​​

4, 6, 8 Jalan Jasmin 8/KS6, Bandar Botanic,
41200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.
Phone : 603 - 3324 3780 / 018 - 221 7455
E-Mail : ecowa@naturalelixirs.com.my

M Summit Georgetown Branch,
No.197 & 199 M Summit, Jalan Magazine,
Georgetown, 10300 Penang, Malaysia.
Phone : 604 - 371 3689
E-Mail : ewsp@naturalelixirs.com.my

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