April 13, 2018

Wedding gift ideas with Printcious

Since I'm moving to a new phase of life soon, which means getting married, buying a house on our own and building our own family, I was thinking very much on how to make my house, my HOME. I had a rough picture in my mind on how I want my interior of the house look like and I have this dream walk- in wardrobe, dream bedroom all sketched out in my head hehe

I also always had it in my mind that I want personalised items in my room, something which symbolises our love for each other. Especially for newlyweds, it will be great to put up pictures of us customised in unique items. 

On top of that, I would also like to surprise my other half with a personalised wedding gift for him. It would be great if I had the room done out, and then surprise him with something that is 'us'. It would be very thoughtful as customised gifts are only ONE and will never be a duplicate. I was looking around and saw that Printcious fits the description sketched in my head perfectly.

I was very happy when I saw the many unique ideas of gifts listed in the 'wedding' section.

Out of all, this one really caught my eyes- the canvas
I could personalise a whole canvas with our wedding picture.
It is mounted on high-density PVC foam board which is strong, lightweight and moisture-resistant. I'm definitely loving this idea of having our picture on the canvas being the centre of attraction of the room every time we walk in. I can either put it on a stand(with extra charges), or frame it on the wall or just lean it by the bedside.

Another idea is the ceramic tile.
 Ceramic tiles produced with high-gloss finishing, vibrant printing and tiles can be used individually or to make a photo montage to decorate home. This one comes with a black stand and I like how instead of the usual photo frame we lay out on the table, this ceramic tile feels modern and classy.

Now, the pillow is something I have been toying about as a throw pillow on the bed.
It just lights up the bed if we were to have pillows customised with our wedding picture on it.

Puzzle is another unique idea.
 I could jumble it all up and let him put it to pieces to surprise him with a picture of us or I could hang it up with the puzzle pieced together.

But, if you are reading this and not getting married anytime soon but want to get a gift for a bride or groom or even ME hehe, I thought the couple T is quite cute.

This is sooo ME hahahaha

I'm loving all these personalised gifts for the other half. I might be getting more than one items from the website. Online shopping is so fun hehehehe

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Wedding and house planning is soo tiresome yet so fun. So much ideas are overflowing and I can't wait for all of them to come to reality <3

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