December 6, 2021

Arriving at Hong Kong International Airport

After 4 hours of flight, we reached Hong Kong International Airport at 10pm. Hong Kong and Malaysia do not have any time difference. And then straight we went to do the PCR test.


The swab test was very gentle to my surprise. Unlike Malaysia where they invade deep inside your nose, this one in HK, they just swipe both sides of the nose gently and then throat swab and done!

We were then given a green card with bar code to match with the results later and proceed to wait for results.

Before going to the waiting area, we need to produce our documents to be able to go through immigration later.

The waiting area with clear social distancing. Each is given a seat number and a table & chair. There were some refreshments provided like sandwiches, biscuits and water which we didn't take because we were still full from in flight food.

Consider the waiting area is not bad. We got to do some work as the wifi was stable.

They were nice enough to provide table and chairs and free refreshments. Plus all PCR tests done in HK are free of charge.

After given clearance where our PCR tests are negative, we then went a whole whirlwind of lining up for our bus to go to the next terminal, after that, go through immigration then collect our baggage and then to line up for buses to our quarantine hotel. There was so much lining up to do and we were getting a bit tired and sleepy as it was past midnight.

Going down to the bus waiting area.

Before going into the bus, our luggages were disinfected.

The bus trip took 1 hour from HKIA to our quarantine hotel.

Finally reached our hotel but then had to wait in line again for another 40 minutes before checking in because there was a bus load of people.

All in all in took almost 6 hours from landing to check into the hotel. In between there was a lot of waiting and we were very sleepy by then. There's only 1 flight for Cathay Pacific anyway so either way we had to take the evening flight meaning it is inevitable to check in at this time if you're on that flight. Plus I'm OCD, I needed to disinfect the room, wipe the bathroom and organise my stuffs first before washing up and sleep. I think I only slept at 5.30am and woke up at 9.30am as work continues the next day albeit virtually haahaha

Stay tuned for quarantine stories!

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