December 27, 2021

Christmas 2021 in Ocean Park Hong Kong

 Since we're away from home, this is the first time I'm celebrating Christmas without my family. So instead of moping with sadness, we bought tickets to discover Ocean Park Hong Kong on Christmas Day! But first things first, we had to do our final PCR test at a community centre 7 days after our hotel quarantine. But thank God, we didn't need to do home quarantine after the hotel quarantine. We found out during the quarantine period that the 7 days is not mandatory quarantine. We only needed to self- monitor and do the last PCR test 7th day after hotel quarantine. Best thing ever- not needing to spend Christmas in quarantine yipee!!

Luckily it's all free!

After that, we attended Christmas mass at Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

And then it's time to explore Ocean Park.

Beautiful view.

There were not many interesting rides. Some were merry go rounds and some rides just wanted to give you a headache by going the same round 20 times until you feel dizzy @.@ So we picked some and then the scariest among all since we saw the roller coaster was a bit complicated as I like to YOLO. Little did we know what is to come hahahha
My husband is scared of heights so naturally he is not into these rides. But since I wanted to YOLO, he had to follow me LOL and we got a heart attack on this ride called Hair Riser(literally!)

I might have sat similar scary roller coaster rides but maybe since didn't go to theme park for 2 years plus already (thanks to Covid) I think this is probably the scariest LOL..We overturned twice and honestly, if the roller coaster overturned us one more time, my heart couldn't take it anymore >.< The husband's mask flew off and his hands were so tight on the railing, he couldn't grab his mask in time LMAO! We were both so scared that we couldn't even scream hahahah...scream no sound from mouth come out one LOL. Because he was scared of heights, after the ride finished, I kept asking him, if he was okay, yet he kept saying, my mask flew off LMAO omg, the amount of laughter we had...and then didn't take another roller coaster in Ocean Park *laughs* Luckily, my doraemon bag had a spare mask.

Instead, we went to see animals which is the main attraction of Ocean Park...they have so many different places to see penguins, walrus and many aquariums to see the underwater ecosystem and it was beautiful!


Happy Feet!

It was so beautiful to see the aquarium with so many sharks, fishes, stingrays all living together.


We had so much food and drinks in Ocean Park as well.
Carbonara Pizza.

Curry fishballs. I really love HK fishballs. From quarantine hotel, to the street food curry fishballs to the ones in Ocean Park, love them all.


Onion Beef burger,

Mozarella balls.

Mmm this siew yoke was soo damn good especially with the sauce,

Merry Christmas! Together always <3

Must wait for the ending show at the fountain. Visual lightings with fountain performance.

It was super crowded during Christmas! Some rides took about 45 minutes to an hour to queue for the ride. Anyway we didn't take many rides also and certain performances need to pay extra money to enter the auditorium and like the Big Aquarium also need to add extra money so basically the main attraction is the animals. The Christmas Market was a huge letdown. We paid HKD360 per person (it was on Christmas discount) and additional HKD10 to enter the Christmas Market. It was overall nice to experience but maybe it'll be our first and last time here HAHAH

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