December 9, 2021

Quarantine Hotel in Hong Kong Part 1

YAY! I have completed 7 days of hotel quarantine after arrival. That's 1/3 of the journey done. The first 7 days was not too bad. Time flew by actually. We were working from day to night. There's just so much work to be done. But I think it's good because then we wouldn't feel so bored. We settled in quite fast and had no time to actually be bored. I still have my books brought from Malaysia lying on the desk untouched LOL If you're new here, read HERE why we had to undergo quarantine haha

So anyway, we booked one of the designated quarantine Hong Kong hotel. It costs 1680HKD per night for the both of us which includes 3 meals a day for 2 pax. The price is slightly on the higher side. Basically, it's not one of the cheapest hotel so we expect at least decent service. But since they are newly added into the quarantine hotel list and we were one of the first batch to experience quarantine in this hotel, there were teething issue where the service was slow, delivery of amenities took forever and trying to call for housekeeping could take 10 minutes or more *facepalms* OK nevermind give chance, let's take a look at the room first. This is a 290 square feet room which we will be staying for 21 days. Never stayed in such a small space for so long before. Space is a scarcity in HK so to get more space, you need to pay so much more. 290 square feet is what we can afford now lol

Luckily there's a king size bed so not too bad. 

The TV area and working desk

The wardrobe.

The sofa with a coffee table

This is where the hubs will work while I work at the sofa area.


And yes there's a bathtub!

We also rented an exercise bike. And according to the hotel, the HK govt rules is that if we rent an exercise bike, you also need an air purifier so we had to rent an air purifier from the hotel as well >.< All in all 1200HKD for both of it for 21 days.

The mini bar area.

This is what we face everyday. And windows are not allowed to be opened(for fear of suicide during quarantine?). So the last time we breathed fresh air was in Malaysia lol because after that it was double mask the whole time until we reached HK.

The first night we came in, we also joined a whatsapp group for those who are in the same boat as us quarantined in the same hotel. And then we found out why we were feeling so cold eventhough we have put the temperature as maximum and off the fan. People started complaining in the whatsapp group.

Don't understand why this damn hotel does not have a heater and apparently they cannot rent portable heaters to us because under the ruling, heaters cannot be disinfected adequately *rolls eyes*. On top of that, we didn't even bring winter clothings because we thought we would only be in the hotel anyway and to hand wash winter clothings would be a hassle. Anyway, we covered ourselves under the blanket and slept the first night off.

Day 2. Breakfast arrived. We have pre-ordered all the meals in advance for 21 days.

The amount of food we brought from Malaysia hehe just in case quarantine food sucks. It came in handy a couple of times. But most of the times, the hotel provided decent food.

On Wednesdays, they have happy hour surprise! We had Gin & Tonic in a can haha first time drinking from a can. Not bad actually.

Cycled to give the body some heat.

And a hot shower in the bathtub to warm ourselves- with a can in hand no less lol

The weather was getting a bit too much so we decided to just order a portable heater from this website called 'Broadway'. First time ordering and clicked for urgent delivery (2 days) and was charged additional 100HKD just for urgent delivery but what to do. We can't be freezing like this for the next 20 days. Prayed that it will actually arrive.
Day 3.

3rd PCR test in 5 days.
Luckily all these tests are free. If we had to pay for each, we would be very poor by the end of it lol

Another surprise from the hotel came knocking.

Hot shower to warm the body. The best is definitely having a bathtub in the room though the hassle of cleaning it is another chore altogether. Brought bath bombs and bubble powders here for the ultimate bath experience during quarantine *laughs*

Day 4. Another surprise came knocking haha...the hotel provided plates to enhance dining experience apparently.

Was it enhanced? Lol...too lazy to wash plate so didn't do any plating after this meal >.<

The hubs didn't like the cold chicken chop so since I brought my mini rice cooker, I warmed it up for him.
And it worked! The chicken chop was hot & nice!


Annddd...our portable heater arrived!! Gahh, never felt so happy. Worth paying the express delivery fee haha and it was my first purchase from Broadway so was skeptical initially but now, I'm happy it arrived. The room felt so much warmer. Was surprised a small portable heater can actually heat up the entire room. We can now wear house clothes as planned yay!! No more layering HAHA

Keep the body moving although in quarantine.

Again, the husband didn't like the spaghetti sauce so I had to re-heat Prego sauce brought all the way from Malaysia haha

Ta-dah! So yummy =)

Day 5

4th PCR test in 7 days.

The hotel also provided some free yoga classes via zoom.

Not forgetting the protein shake after exercise.

Day 6.

The hubs didn't like his udon so Samyang it is! Hahah

Day 7

Overall, aside from the hotel's teething issue, they did try very hard to make our quarantine as comfortable as possible. Time to time, they will call our room and remind us about the swab tests. They even organised games for us to play, zoom classes for us to move our bodies and small surprise treats to make our stay better. I would say they improved by the day and so far time flew by. Best part about quarantine? Not needing to think what meals to cook and prepare and execute it for 21 days straight woohoo!! *laughs*

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