December 23, 2021

Quarantine hotel in Hong Kong part 3

 The last leg! 7 days to go and freedom awaits hehe

The hotel gave some woodcraft to cure our boredom haha

When I first saw the instructions, I did a double take on the front of the box saying this is for 8 years old and above >.< It looked complicated but yay managed to build a 3D church woodcraft all by myself hehe

And a swan! Woo-hoo

Tea time surprise was Sachima, a Chinese egg pastry made from fried egg noodles mixed in syrup. Sweet, fluffy and melts in mouth! Thank you <3

Sudoku book to get the mind active in quarantine haha

Day 19 is the last testing day in quarantine yay! They took 2 different samples from each of us and if our 4 samples turn out negative, we could go out on Day 21 =))

Husband's colleague delivered a super cute hand warmer for the coming colder days =)

Day 20 Dinner- Teriyaki Chicken & Chicken and Cheese Spaghetti Bolognese

It's DAY 21!! OMG *excitednessss* Last dayyy

Breakfast- Hong Kong Satay Beef with soup noodle.

We've been ordering the same meals these days hahaha. Lunch was scrambled egg and pork cutlet with rice.

Tea time surprise is black sesame biscuit.

Dinner had something special as well...complimentary soup. So good! Missed drinking soup.

Black pepper beef with rice.

And finally it's check out time yay!! Freedom and fresh air awaits haha
Stayed in Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Tsim Sha Tsui and honestly, it's not the cheapest nor the most expensive. We paid almost HKD40k all in (inclusive air purifier & exercise bike) for 21 days. It's a 4 star hotel so we expected better service honestly. They could have improved in their service but understandable because they were recently included in the quarantine hotel list in December so technically we're one of the very first batch so there were teething issues and government kept changing the quarantine rules making it stricter -.- But overall, they improved within the 21 days, the amenities came faster, they responded faster and tried their best. They arranged games and tea time surprises for us which is very good and interactive. Food wise, some hits, some misses but on days that the food can barely be eaten, we have our instant noodles from Malaysia and ready to eat food. We were super busy working throughout the quarantine period so the entire quarantine flew by very fast. Couldn't believe we were kinda comfortable in a 290 sq ft for almost a month haha that when quarantine period is almost over, we were afraid of what's to come outside LOL

Certificate of completion woohoo! Yup maybe we do deserve a certificate of completion for surviving the world's longest mandatory quarantine LMAO

First time seeing what's outside the four walls of our room haha

Uber to our temporary accommodation! Til the next adventure after quarantine =)

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