August 3, 2011

Captain America

I'm a fan of all marvel movies so I always watch any superhero movies- from Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Green Lantern and now the latest Captain America!!

Captain America is the first avenger among the many. This movie is not bad I can quite say....Although, I felt it's too much based during the war time which is of course how the superhero was made...He is a CAPTAIN after all in the army =p

I don't usually like movies based during war time but this one has a mix of action, humour and a little romance which makes this movie really nice to watch.

Chris Evans was a perfect fit to play Captain America! However, I must say he looked distorted in the beginning before he gained those muscles =p Those special effects made him weird. But after that, he looked really HOT! =p

You must stay after the LONG credits run for the trailer of the Avengers movie. I, however, did not stay because everyone in the cinema left and the credits were too long to wait- really! You must be really patient *laughs*

Overall, it was a good watch. I dare not say it's awesome but I think the Avengers movie next year which consist of Iron Man, Incredible Hulk and more superheroes would be really awesome!

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