June 22, 2011

Green Lantern

Green Lantern was kinda ridiculous to me...Like it doesn't feel real. I know superhero movies are not meant to be realistic but this is too much LOL

This just reiterates the fact that my all time fav superhero movie is Batman =)) Iron Man comes in second.

However, it was funny at times and Ryan Reynolds' body is unquestionably the best bod for a superhero =p
But the most interesting part of this movie is definitely Blake Lively's character. I may be bias because I like her from Gossip Girl, but I think without her, the whole movie would be a total bore..

She went brunette for this movie from her usual blonde. She was so hot and she just added spice to this movie =) She and Ryan had great chemistry!

I'll rate this movie 3 stars over five.

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