June 10, 2011

Liese Hair Products

Liese Hair Products is a brand from Japan. A lot of people are favouring Japanese products these days. I mean even food outlets, those Sushi places are almost always filled with people! I guess because their products are always healthier and better??

But I must admit, I have been trying endless products for a good dye and finally I found Liese and it produced the best result!! I have been dyeing my hair ever since the day I left high school- literally! I always liked coloured hair and I think I've used more than a dozen dye products but just by using the Liese dye once, I fell in love with it =))

This dye is very different from others. It's a bubble hair colour. You dye your hair from foam and it's very easy in application!

Yeap, I love being a red headed hehe so my friends got me the red-est of the dye which is Casis Berry! It's a glamorous pink with a touch of brown =)

There are 10 colours to choose from:

So, let me highlight the good-ness of this product:
- No pungent smell. It has a really nice floral scent unlike others which has a terrible pungent ammonia smell which can suffocate you(no kidding)
- It's foamy so when it spills, it's easily wiped off from the floor or body.
- It makes dyeing hair so much fun *laughs* coz you can keep on massaging your hair and see the foam lathers like shampoo =p
- It gives a good result. My roots were red-ish brown right after washing!

Coupled it with the Liese Hair Cocktail Lite I bought:

and Wa-La!! My hair is nice smooth, shiny and red-ish- just the way I like it =))
The hair cocktail has a really nice apricot scent which makes your hair shiny and hydrated without feeling oily and damp!

Yes, I'm in love with Liese hair products! =))


  1. Hi. Maybe u can upload a photo of your hair for others to see the result? Just suggesting. :)

  2. My friend use this product to dye her hair and she loves it! :D

  3. Yen: Hehe maybe next time ya =p

    nn: Yeah, Liese is a good product =)