December 10, 2012

Aqualabel Special Gel Cream

Aqualabel's new Collagen Gel Cream is a 5-in-1 cream. It can be a lotion, emulsion, cream, mask and essence all at once! It contains highly concentrated collagen GL for bouncy, supple skin!

Thanks to Shiseido, they sent me so many samples and I've got to try 'em!

I must say I'm totally in love! I love gel creams because it's not too thick and especially great for oily skin people.

The cream is translucent and it's jelly-like.
It absorbs and penetrates fast into the skin to make skin soft and supple all day long.
It is ideal to use as a sleeping mask before bedtime because when you wake up, skin will be soo moisturised and soft!

I also like any products with collagen because collagen is really good for skin. It is an excellent water binder, keeping skin hydrated and it cushions, supports and firms skin's epidermis.

This gel cream also contains W Hyaluronic acid to prevent pre matured aging hence it's also a good anti aging product.

I would totally buy a full size product of Aqualabel Special Gel Cream after sampling it out =)
It is also well recommended for oily skin people. Do try it out!

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