December 4, 2012

Audrey Queen of the Day

I blogged about Audrey Queen of the Day contest before and I was invited to witness who would be crowned Queen of the Day by Audrey!

But wait, I crown myself Queen of the Day first =p

The event took place at Audrey, Sunway Pyramid. 

So many beautiful lingerie! Stop by to check out their promotions =)

Refreshments for guests.



These are some of the finalists creative artwork!! I cannot draw to save my life -.- But these people just wow me! Sooo creative in designing 'I Love Audrey' slogan. 

The emcee of the day.

The five finalists were introduced and there's a Q&A session about their inspiration and artwork before all of us get to vote who will be the winner.

Ms. Goh's explanation was totally not for underage people *laughs* She was explaining how when she bought a corset from Audrey and her husband thought she was delicious!! -.- and she was explaining her artwork in a totally hilarious manner. She got the crowd laughing!

And then it's time to vote! We were each given a coloured ball to vote for the finalists.

Everyone casting their vote.

Guess which artwork has the most votes??

And then it was the prize giving ceremony.

5th place- Lew Yee Nee

4th place-Hor Li Lian. OMG!! She won RM1,000 worth of Chanel cosmetics!!! I wannn!!

3rd place- Wan Hairulshifah. She was just saying if she won RM20k she would buy a Coach bag and now she got a Burberry bag!! Even better hehehe

2nd place-Suraya. Louis Vuitton!! The prizes were sooo generous!! *jealous*

Finally, not surprising, Ms Goh Lin Lin was crowned winner =) 

She won a whopping RM20k shopping money!!!

Queen of the Day!

She said she wants to buy more stuffs from Audrey with her money to treat her husband *ehem*

And her son was there LOL...He wants an Apple gadget hehe and mummy said okay =)

Fish was there as well and we did some shopping together after that =)

The pweeety goodie bag!! 

Audrey was so generous to give us a shopping voucher and I got to shop at Audrey =)

Thanks Audrey!!!