December 16, 2012

Za Perfect Fit Concealer

I have a sad history with eyebags *cries* and so I learnt to live with it, whether I liked it or not with failed products that claim to reduce eye bags =( I never actually tested concealers to cover my eyebags only if my makeup is done by makeup artists they'll conceal it for me.

But then I found Za's Perfect Fit Concealer! It is part of the Za Spring/Summer 2013 makeup line. I was quite excited and so, I can't wait to put it to test!

The sweet pink package of Za Perfect Fit Concealer.

The claim: This concealer is formulated with Perfect Cover Powder, providing high coverage to perfectly conceal all skin concerns like blemishes, scars, dark circles and other skin imperfections. This Skin Fit prescription of this concealer fits and adheres closely over skin without creasing throughout the day. It contains Water-holding Collagen, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid to retexturize skin while maintaining a long lasting radiant finish.

It has three shades and I'm using the lightest one- shade 01. A concealer should be one shade lighter than your skin to lighten dark under-eye circles and spots and make an illusion that skin is actually the same colour as the rest of your face.

After prepping face with the three steps of cleanse, tone and moisturise, apply concealer first.

Just a small amount will do.

Use index finger to apply the concealer in thin layers and blend well. Bring it all the way up to your lash line and into the inner corners of the eyes to give eyes that open, clean look.

Right with concealer, left- bare

Both eyes with concealer.

Then go on with foundation and loose or pressed powder to finish the look.


AFTER- I finished the look with BB cream and pressed powder.

The verdict: Well, it doesn't cover my eye bags and under eye dark circles entirely although I did put double coverage however it does help to reduce the appearance of it. At least I don't look so much like a panda like I haven't been sleeping for days *laughs*

- The texture is creamy therefore you don't need to put any eye cream before it.
- It's easy to blend and it's not drying to the skin. It's non sticky and non oily.
- Very long lasting. My makeup stayed for 10 hours and it didn't cake or crease.
- Can also be used to cover blemishes and problem areas.

Za Perfect Fit Concealer will be available nationwide from January 2013 onwards. 


  1. Haha well I'm sure you're also liking this Za concealer then =))