December 26, 2012

L'OREAL Casting Creme Gloss in Auburn

So remember I did my blue highlights? Now it has all faded to blonde and I'm bound to dye my hair again just in time for Christmas.

From the moment I opened the box, the fragrant smell quickly escaped and it's soo lovely! Unlike any other dye boxes I've opened, where all I've smelled is ammonia which is really pungent.

Casting Creme Gloss Dye.

No.426- Auburn

What's inside the box.

Add the creme colourant into the developer creme. Then shake well. It has a non drip formula which is really convenient!!

This is the intial colour- purplish. However, after mixing, it turned into very dark purple, almost violet-ish.

BEFORE(All the faded blue highlights to the blonde)

AFTER(it's purple in colour now!!)

BEFORE(back view)

AFTER- well, I guess you can see my DIY is not even >.< but nevertheless my hair is now dark purple.

Room lighting. 

The colour is not so obvious indoors and I look almost vamp-ish and gothic at first glance. I'm not used to having so dark hair after I first dyed my hair red right after high school. It took some getting used to and after  a few washes, the colour started to fade and I'm starting to like my purple hair =)

Outdoor. The auburn colour is a bit more obvious.

Yes, I know I have been dyeing my hair a lot and that it's going to die very soon(pun intended) However,  I found that LOREAL hair dye is not drying at all! In fact, my hair is more moisturised and looks healthier and shiny. Probably the colour makes it look healthier as well rather than the blonde colour. It did promise a glossy long lasting colour and that's what I got!

The conditioner in the box, enriched with Royal Jelly, is great for the just dyed hair and overall my hair smells really nice after and it does not smell like ammonia. Even while I was dyeing my hair, my room had a delicate fragrance XD I was not suffocating with the ammonia smell like I used to previously with other hair dyes. I'm also very happy with the colour turn-out. It's the same colour indicated on the box!

I'm really satisfied with this home dye. I've been trying many self dye products in the market and this can be safely said the best thus far! I think I might ditch red and stick to purple hair from now on hehe

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