December 23, 2012

Pitch Perfect

This movie is like a mash of high school musical and glee *laughs*
It revolves around Acapella groups in a competition and this all girl group is trying to win the competition with new members.
However, this Acapella competition is quite different. No musical instruments are involved and every sound will have to be from your own mouth. So you can beat box your way into the tune or whatever so that's quite unique about this show =) You can actually see real talents in this show!

I was quite surprised to see Anna Kendrick sing! I didn't know she could and her mash-ups were not bad!! Since it's an all girl group, there are bound to be catfights and bitchiness. Rebel Wilson is quite funny though with her weirdness and antics LOL

However, there's not enough 'wow' factor into those performances unlike dance movies and the storyline was pretty predictable.

My rating: 3 stars

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