December 31, 2012

Looking back...

The end of the year is in a few hours time *sad* I would like to take this opportunity to thank so many of you readers for constantly supporting me for the past 2 and a half years. I would also like to thank sponsors, PRs, bloggers and friends who have given me much opportunities to pursue my passion =)

Anyway, I have been reminiscing about this year and walking down memory lane surely brought back so many happy memories!! Highlights of the year 2012:

I appeared in Cleo February issue for the hair makeover. The shorter hair needed high maintenance but I looked so much younger =) However, I think I would keep to my long mane because I just don't have the time to iron it every other time LOL

I was the face of Aspirer Studio advert for a CNY promo. I had a lot going for that month of February. I was celebrating Chinese New Year, I was working part time, I was blogging and I was studying for my nearing finals. But I also managed to sneak in a little time for a photoshoot for a 1 Malaysia theme =)

Then finally when exams were over, I got to celebrate my adulthood hehe This was the year I turned the big 2-1 and my first time getting cupcakes *laughs* Also, it was the day a BFF lost a best and had to fulfil a certain embarassing act at Sunway Pyramid *laughs harder* Altogether, my three celebrations were awesome with awesome family and friends =)

I also finally get to explore Langkawi and its beautiful sceneries!!

Nuffnang Blogopolis was the highlight of me as a blogger!! I learnt so many things, met so many new people, had so much fun and was quite excited to see famous bloggers whom I read everyday!!

This is also my first time trying out the Body Perfect Photothermolysis, sauna at Ecoparadise and slimming at Slimming Sanctuary! I don't normally go to those beauty centres but well this year I got to experience all of these =)

I am also proud to say I managed to complete the Extreme Challenge at Skytrex!!!! FYI, I'm not a sports person but time to time I like to do some outdoor activities and I was so happy I managed to finish the challenge without help hehehe

Further, I have never been to any concerts before and this year itself I went to two =) I went for Maroon 5 and David Guetta Now, I'm no more a concert virgin LMAO!!

And of course, the most important event of my year- I graduated!! Nuff said!

Besides that, through blogging I got to attend many exclusive events like SUEN jewellers, lingerie fashion shows for de Jouer and Audrey, be part of Only Beauty Bloggers and the first preview of Senka, Ma Cherie and Za

....and many many many other highlights...personally and publicly!

Through these experiences, I've gained so much, went to places I've never been before, learnt so many new things, made new friends and I can't be more thankful for all the love and happiness in my life!! I've also changed much this year. Most have told me so and it's for the better so I'm grateful!

One thing I've learnt- Great experiences can only be enjoyed with good company and staying positive and keeping that smile on your face will always make the day brighter =)

Here's hoping 2013 will be even better!
Cheers! Stay happy and healthy!!

Party safe, people!!

This is my last post for this year.
See you next year =)



  1. Awesome year its been. Here's to more that can top all that this year ya ?

  2. hehe yes hopefully!! And the same to you as well =))