December 24, 2012

Garnier Anti Imperfections Cooling Roll On

I love Garnier products. It's reasonable in price and can easily be found in any pharmacies or stores. Thanks to the Only Beauty gift bag once again at the launch party, I'll be reviewing this Garnier Anti Imperfections Roll On. It's actually quite unique because I'm using another Garnier roll on but that's for the eyes. This one however, is for blemishes.

Anti Imperfections cooling roll on.

HerbaRepair: The herbal scent may be a little irksome to some, but I wouldn't say it is intolerable.

Just roll onto any imperfections on your face- it's that easy without needing to use your fingers!

Texture wise it is a colourless light-weighted aqueous gel. It's cooling and a tad-bit moisturising; also, for a product that contains salicylic acid, it is not very drying. Once rolled on blemishes, product is absorbed into skin within a minute.

Visible efficacy: In 5 hours, redness is reduced. In 2 days. imperfections and marks visibly reduced.

Though it did reduce redness in 5 hours as claimed, it was not very effective in drying up zits/ imperfections/ blemishes/ acne. No significant drying of imperfections was observed even up to day 4 of application(of course this varies from person to person, and the severity of the blemishes). But it helps to conceal minor imperfections. It is not suitable for individuals who have a known allergy to salicylic acid.

I like creams that are rolled on to avoid using my fingers which I'll have to wash later on due to the salicylic acid properties. Hence, it's a really good innovation from Garnier unlike other pimple creams which comes in a tube.

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