December 4, 2012

Slimming Sanctuary

Thanks to Slimming Sanctuary for my slimming voucher and discount treatment, I redeemed it at the USJ 9 outlet. It's quite a big outlet taking up a few stores. I've never been for any slimming treatment before and as I mentioned before, I was going on very unhealthy diet, so might as well try it out =)

I was being consulted at first and had a body analysis done. Well, I was actually quite surprised with my results because I thought I might have achieved an ideal weight but turns out my BMI showed that I'm underweight >.< Not only that, my muscle mass is also underweight -.- So, yes, you girls out there check that you might also be underweight LOL coz I'm not even the stick thin type and yet I'm still underweight *surprised*

The BMI machine.

However, my concern area is still my tummy, coz although I'm underweight, I'm not toned. So the beauty consultant suggested that I do treatments that will tone, firm and shape my body =)

And so I went into the treatment room and I saw that there's no robe but she asked me to get changed *puzzled* Then I saw two small cloths on the bed and saw that there's a tiny cloth to wrap around your bust area and a disposable panty...hmmm....*laughs* Okay, I knew this would be the case but erm..I'm just not used going that skimpy in front of people LOL

But what the heck, so I  changed  stripped down. I got measured from head to toe, from left to right, from diameter to diameter and finally I was done being measured =p Then it was the 'padding' machine treatment where there are wires being stucked on concern areas like thighs, waist and arms. You'll feel like the wires have a little current massaging to tone your body. It was a 30-minute treatment and I almost fell asleep.

Then it was the 'thermic wave' treatment. This is another machine and it feels a bit like I'm going for an ultrasound. There's even a cooling RF cream splattered on your tummy and the therapist will use the machine to massage your waist area. It was a bit hot to burn fats and tone and firm the area. This took 20 minutes. This treatment is equivalent to having 200 sit ups!!

The best part of the treatment was the immediate effect and I was measured after that and I lost 4cm around my stomach area! In total from below the bust to my hips, I lost 8cm!! Hehehehe the therapist said I lose weight very fast *smiles*

After that, I had a body wrap. She used the transparent plastic wrap and wrapped all round my body. I was a bit mummified. It was tight and meant to shape your body. After that I had to walk to the steam bath. It was quite hard to walk after being wrapped *laughs*

This is how a body wrap looks like.

As I entered the steam bath, boy, was it steamy and so much of vapour. The whole room was dripping droplets of water coz it's so much of steam. It's blurry, it's warm and it's wet. It's just a small room where you sit for 20 minutes. I was actually thinking whether I'm able to sit after the wrap -.- but yeah I managed to sit down but in an awkward position *laughs* Also, in that small room alone, there's another auntie that came in. A bit weird la two ladies in there staring into space *laughs*

After being all wet and sweaty, I rested and went to shower. Then, I was given a hand wax treatment. My hands were being soaked in wax oil first then wrapped with plastic wrap and covered with mittens

Wrapped waxed hand.

Mittens to cover.

My hands did feel really soft and moisturised after that =)

Overall, the spa day was rejuvenating especially after the steam bath. So refreshing! And I lost 8 cm at my waist area =)) Such a productive and relaxing day hehe

They have a nice lounge area.

The hallway to the bathroom and showers.

Huge mirrors at the locker place.

Lockers to keep your belongings.

Went back a happy girl *smiles* Thank you Slimming Sanctuary for a great spa day!! Their consultants and therapists were really friendly, nice and helpful as well! They have promotions going on so you can check them out =)

And then I came home to this -.-

I thought I was going to be on a healthier diet -.- But well, since I am underweight....*nom nom*

Further Occubite muffins are low fat, low sugar and less calories hehe...yes, I am eating healthier food =p

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