December 19, 2012

Sephora douche body wash

Have I mentioned how much I love Sephora? *laughs* It's like a beauty heaven I could die =p
So anyway, thanks to Sephora, I got to try out the coconut milk shower gel!

At first whiff of the product directly from the tube, it felt overpowering- as if like you’d be a walking perfume bottle after using it *laughs* But after testing out the product, I was proven wrong; it has a sweet and nice lingering coconut scent which is light. The scent quickly wears off after an hour or so.

It only needs a minimal amount of water to work up a good lather. It generally lathers easily, however, a significant amount of the product is required to wash your whole body. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t say it’s a huge difference as compared to other shower gels.

Foaming, creamy and non drying formula.

The texture is rich and creamy; very smooth + non-sticky and  it does not leave a greasy/ oily feel after washing. It is remarkably moisturising!! Your skin won’t even feel dry when you wake up the next morning in an air conditioned room =))

This is the first time trying out a Sephora branded bath product and safe to say, I'm pleased =)

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