December 25, 2012

The Hobbit

I did not watch or even attempted to watch any of the Lord of the Rings trilogy *gasp* These kind of fantasy/ animation genre of movie just do not appeal to me. Hence, The Hobbit was not under my to-watch list as well...until, well, I got dragged to watch it *laughs*

The shortest synopsis is that this movie is about the dwarfs and a Hobbit making a journey towards a mountain to capture it back from the dragon. Along the way, they have to overcome so many obstacles in the jungle.

I must say this movie was superrr loong!! Three hours!! Since because I didn't know anything about The Hobbit, I was not aware that it's supposed to be a trilogy hence, there'll be a cliffhanger at the end and that it's going to be somewhat like The Lord of the Rings duration of a three hour movie -.-

And also because as I mentioned above, this is not my kind of movie genre, I felt that it was dragging. Those who love it, will love it and will feel it's worth the money for the ticket. Those who don't, three hours will be freaking LONG!! The first half of the movie was a real drag, my eyes became droopy >.< The second half was much better with a lot of adventure and obstacles. I kept thinking, are they ever going to reach their destination because they never seem to reach *laughs*

They were some recurring characters from LOTR like Gandalf, Frodo which made a split second appearance, Cate Blanchett which looks like an angel and Gollum which is still as ugly as ever. Therefore, if you're a real fan of LOTR or a fan of those fantasy/animation kind of movie, you might enjoy The Hobbit.

My rating: 2 and a half stars(but don't take my word for it because I'm bias)

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