December 13, 2012


You might have heard of Dermalogica's Get Naked campaign. Well, it's not that kind of naked *laughs* It's about daring enough in getting your face naked without any makeup on. And through part of their campaign, I got to try out their trial set after a face mapping skin analysis.

I must say they definitely live up to their hype. They say they never believed in padding their products with false claims or hyped up language but their products have always been able to speak for themselves by providing visible results. This is actually my first time trying out Dermalogica products and I'm in love!!

Dermal Clay cleanser:

Love the press cap..every little detail counts =)

Brownish in colour.

This cleanser is not foamy but you don't need too much. Just a pea size will do. Somehow, it smells like soya drink to me LOL It cleanses very well and my face feel fresh thereafter =)

Multi-active toner:

I especially love the toner. This is a spray toner and not like the normal toner which needs cotton pad. It's such an easy application by just spraying on your face. Just make sure do not spray directly near your eye coz it stings >.<  Of all the products, I like this the most and might even consider getting the full size one coz it's so convenient and dries fast leaving my skin supple.

See, even Thanuja agrees with me =)

Active moist moisturiser:

The moisturiser is really light and penetrates fast into skin. It's non sticky and hydrates skin well!

Overall, after religiously doing the 3 step ritual in cleansing, toning and moisturising with Dermalogica products,  my face definitely feel clearer with no blemishes!!

I could definitely get naked with Dermalogica ^_^


  1. My guess is they're trying to say that naked is a very liberating feeling.Also when we...shed it, the afterglow of that experience imparts a sexy and confident aura after a Dermalogica session.

  2. Haha yeah you're absolutely right =)

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