December 7, 2012

Senka, Ma Cherie and Za S/S 2013

I was one of the 10 bloggers invited for a private first view of  Senka, Ma Cherie and Za S/S 2013 at Shiseido HQ in Mutiara Damansara =) We were given the very first view before press release of Senka's skincare line, Ma Cherie's haircare regime and Za Spring/Summer 2013 makeup collection!

Our room was soo girlish-ly decorated with so much pink *hearts*

Each blogger has a mirror, pastries and products to try out =)

Ma Cherie products in like a 'fruit basket'

So pweetyy!!

Ma Cherie's hair styling products.

Haircare products!


Senka's skincare line.

Za cosmetics.

Za prodcuts.

Try-on products of Senka.

Even our mineral bottles were customised with models of Senka, Ma Cherie and Za!!

Lovely pastries! 

Sparkling juice served with a ribbon-ed champagne glass <3

The PR of Shiseido, Ms Tsi Ying welcoming us.

Ms Jo explaining the products to us.

Senka, an all-new Japanese skincare brand which will be at selected Watsons stores!

Very reasonable price range! So affordable.

Introducing the Perfect Whip foam cleanser.

The foam is easily whipped to form a soft and cushion-like dense foam that rids impurities.

Senka Hoshitsu Moisturising lotion.

Pink cap is for moist(normal to dry skin) and white cap is for fresh(normal to oily skin)

Senka Whitening lotion.

Senka lotions are all with a very light texture yet with great hydrating qualities.

Senka suncare.

The suncare line is not greasy at all neither does it leave any white residue. It's light and non sticky.

Za Spring/Summer 2013 makeup collection. FYI Za is pronounced as Zee. A. 

Perfect Fit 2 way Foundation for pore less skin and long lasting finish!

Foundation refill.

Za Killer Volume Mascara- the name sounds like a James Bond film hehe

It carries up to 170% mascara liquid to deliver ultra thick and perfectly curled lashes all day long!

The Killer Volume Mascara(RRP: RM34.90)

Part of the Eyes Groovy collection. Such sweet shades of neutrals and pinks. Left is 07 Pinkish Brown and Right is 09 Wine Red.

Za Perfect Fit Concealer. From top shade 01(fairest), 02(medium) and 03(dark)

Finally, Ma Cherie which will be launched in Malaysia soon in early 2013!!! It's a Japanese brand but with a French name. Ma Cherie means My Sweetheart <3 It has such a princessy and romantic feel to it but also a brand that boasts high quality products for beauty conscious women.

The haircare line.

In love with the Perfect Shower Moist. It gives extra moisture to the hair and it has such a nice fragrance that you don't even need perfume after using this spray! After all of us tried it, the entire room smelled so nice =)

L-R; two shower sprays, hair oil and Aqua Dew gel leave in moisturiser. All of the products really smoothens the hair, leaving it manageable all day long with a lingering fragrant smell. 

After a self makeover with Za cosmetics and Ma Cherie's hair products =) My face has a smooth and polished finish and my hair feel so soft and shiny after that!!

Lurve the cutout for camwhoring hehe

Thank you Shiseido for having this private event for us and letting us try out the products first hand and the generous goodie bag =)) Look out for my reviews!!

Do check out selected Watsons stores for the Senka skincare line.
Za Spring/Summer 2013 Cosmetics will be available nationwide from January 2013 onwards.
Ma Cherie hair care and hair styling products will be available from January 2013 onwards as well at selected Guardian and Wellness Aeon outlets.  

 Ma Cherie <3


  1. What a scoop ! Life brings such wonderful privileges eh ?

  2. Hehe yeah surely and you know that very well with ur wonderful privileges of your winnings!!